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Marine Collagen- A Natural Anti-Ageing Beauty Secret

There has been an increased interest in products that contain collagen- a natural anti-ageing beauty secret. Not only is it considered to be an effective anti-ageing product for skin but also seems to show promise for alleviation of joint pain and inflammation and may...

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7 Ideas for Green Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time of indulgence and every year humans throw tonnes of tinsel, plastic and other non-recyclable items into land fill. We have put together a few green Christmas decorating ideas to help make your Christmas greener. According to Choice tinsel, plastic...

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30-day Summer Body Reset

Now is the time for getting your body in shape for summer. This Summer Body Reset program is designed to help you achieve glowing skin, vitality and a healthy body shape. This program is not about quick weight loss or fad diets that have no long-term benefits. It is a...

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