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Natural Skin Care: why use it?

'Green', 'Clean' and 'Natural' Skin Care - What does it all mean?   Green beauty is a newish term invented by beauty consumers who are conscience about what they put on their skin, how the products are tested, and what impact they might have on the environment....

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Natural Perfume- Why make the switch.

Humans have been obsessed with fragrance for a very long time. Recorded evidence showed the Egyptians using ointments and balms made from crushed plant material such as resins, bark and flowers. These preserved scents were honored in ceremony and reserved for the very...

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Healthy Baked Pear with Ginger

serves 4 vegan/dairy free   Ingredients 4 Bosc pears, cut each in half 60 g coconut sugar 2 tbsp grated ginger 1 tbsp lemon juice  This recipe was adapted from Food52 'Vegan'. Baked pears can be eaten as desert or with your favourite porridge in the morning....

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