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The Rose- From Ancient medicinal therapy to modern usage.

The Rose is regarded as the king of flowers and is prized for its amazing sweet aroma, cosmetic and therapeutic applications. Rose water is also used in cuisine as a flavouring agent in Middle Eastern cuisine. Turkish delight has been a universal favourite. One of the...

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Beetroot Salad in a Jar

Steamed beetroot can be prepared a day in advance. Beetroot can be stored in the refrigerator with a dressing in a glass jar for a few days and used as a topping for salads during the week. I used rocket leaves in this recipe because they have a sharp, bitter &...

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Free Range Eggs- good egg, bad egg

The egg aisle has become a confusing place. We are often wooed by pretty packaging displaying idyllic images of red, fat chickens on a backdrop of emerald green pastures. The discerning consumer, who has an interest in the welfare of the farm animals will gladly pay a...

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