Christmas is a time of indulgence and every year humans throw tonnes of tinsel, plastic and other non-recyclable items into land fill. We have put together a few green Christmas decorating ideas to help make your Christmas greener.

According to Choice tinsel, plastic plates & cutlery, foiled and plastic wrapping paper, food-tainted paper napkins & paper plates and plastic Christmas trees can not be recycled by our recycling facilities in Australia.

Natural Wreaths

Wreaths can be made from hemp rope, twigs or preserved box tree. They can be finished with up-cycled ribbon, natural found objects like mistletoe, pine cones or sprigs of cedar. Wreaths are visual pleasing and evoke traditions of the past. They can be hung in the kitchen all year round- just change the bow to a colour that is less festive. They also smell great if they are made from box tree or have added sprigs of pine or cedar.when your guests arrive. Spray with cedar or pine essential oil for authentic Christmas aroma when your guests arrive.

Paper Decorations

Paper lanterns, stars and origami can be made from paper and hung on your tree. What no tree? Try hanging your craft from a metal frame and make a mobile or hang in front of the windows. Not sure- why not learn the art of origami? Check your local for classes. Hand made decorations can be a fun activity for the little ones and may even unleash hidden creative talents.

Glass Jars

Up-cycle glass jars or buy heirloom pieces such as Agee preserving jars or apothecary jars and use as gifts containing lemon preserves, fresh nut butters or bath salts. These gifts are cost effective and never wasted.

LED lighting

Switch to LED lights and save on your next power bill. Some lights this season are using batteries. Make sure they are rechargeable and purchase a recharger. Even better- ditch the lights and switch back to vegetable based candles or beeswax candles.

Paper & Fabric Gift Bags

Gift bags can be used several times and can be decorated with a tag, up-cycled ribbons and freshly picked sprigs of cedar. Muslin cotton or hemp bags can also be reused and are great alternatives to paper plus they can be washed.

Natural Christmas Trees 

Buy a mini tree and keep it in a pot. Wth proper care they can last in a pot for several years. Potted cedars and Norfolk pine are good alternatives to traditional Scottish Pine and Spruce trees.  If you are not keen on plants try painting some branches with white eco-friendly paint, place them in a vase and decorate with your favourite Christmas trinkets.

Adorn your tree with handmade goodies such as edible gingerbread men, wooden toys or tin. Collect heirloom pieces such as glass baubles that can be stored and passed through the family line.

Traditional Cutlery and Linen

Christmas is a time for bringing out your best glassware, linen and china. Don’t be a scrooge and skimp in this area. If you are having guests and can’t afford the spread don’t be afraid to ask relatives to help out with the tableware.Auctions are also great places to buy silver, crystal glassware and novelty items.

Cloth napkins are elegant and can be washed and kept for many years. They are also fun to decorate for a magnificent Christmas table theme. For outdoor settings or picnics use biodegradable bamboo cutlery and plates.