serves 2

You will need 2 large mason jars with lids

6 tbsp rolled oats
3 tbsp white chia seeds
1-cup milk of choice (I used creamy home made almond milk)
1-cup plain Greek yoghurt
2 mandarins
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 x large finger lime
Garnish with coconut flakes or cashew nuts or almonds

The fruit ‘pearls’ from finger limes look gorgeous and have a tart lime/lemon flavour. The fingers must be cut in half, not lengthwise. Simply squeeze like toothpaste and remove the seeds. The fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C and can be used for sweet or savoury recipes.


Rinse chia seeds and stir them into milk with ½ tbsp of maple syrup. Add oats. Let stand for 15 minutes and stir. Pour them into the jars. Peel mandarins and deseed (optional) and layer segments on top of oat and chia layer. For the next layer add yoghurt. Add coconut flakes, nuts and squeeze pearls from finger lime. Drizzle with remaining maple syrup.