What you will need:

goat or sheep yoghurt (full fat)
cheese cloth

Labneh or yoghurt cheese is very much like cream cheese except it is a much healthier option thanks to the probiotic magic of yoghurt.
You are also getting two food products from one- yogurt cheese and whey. Whey is the clear liquid that runs off from the soft cheese when it is straining. Whey is nutritious and can be used as a starter culture in various fermentations. It keeps well in the refrigerator for at least two weeks.

The Labneh can be formed into balls and stored in olive oil or you can roll them in herbs or spices of choice such as chives, paprika or Za’atar and serve them on a Mez plate.


To make Labneh

Line sieve with cheese cloth with plenty of over hang and place over a bowl. Pour yoghurt into sieve and gently twist the cheesecloth but don’t squeeze too hard. Let the yoghurt sit in the sieve. This will allow the whey to drip from the yoghurt. You can let this sit on your kitchen bench if it isn’t too hot, otherwise place the bowl in the refrigerator. Check the bowl and empty the whey into a jar. As the yoghurt thickens, you can gently wring the cheese cloth or you can place a plate on the yoghurt cheese, which acts like a weight so the whey continues to drip out. After two days you should have creamy soft cheese. 

Strain the whey through a clean kitchen towel or coffee filter and store for your cultured foods.