Nutritional Consultations

Private visit or Skype

Costs: $120.00 for the initial consultation (1 Hour)

$60.00 for follow-up (30 min.)

$25.00 for anthropometric analysis (15 min)

An anthropometric analysis will involve waist to hip ratio measurements, fat/body mass and weight measurements. We use the biometrical scales for professionals. Biometric scales cannot be used on people with pace makers or those that are


What we can do.

We can help you with optimal health and weight loss solutions. All consultations are tailored to your individual needs.

How it works

You fill out a questionnaire and this gives us information in regards to family medical history, ongoing complaints, and medications. This information is confidential and used in the consult only.

We establish baseline measurements (weight, height, and check vital signs such as blood pressure) and may ask for recent biochemical reports from your GP. We will also analysis your diet my using a professional food analysis software program. This tool enables us to evaluate recommended daily intake of nutrients as set by the Australian National guidelines.

At the end of the consult we will give a basic report on the consultation and a treatment plan. We may prescribe supplements if necessary however we prefer to use food.

Consequent consult may involve tailored meal plans, food tracking tools, shopping lists, food preparation techniques and other tools for motivation.