Blackmores Probiotics Womens Flora Balance 30cap


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These specific probiotics for women may promote and balance vaginal flora. Many women are susceptible to vaginal floral imbalances, and from time to time this may cause discomfort and irritation. Hormonal fluctuations, as well as other factors may cause an imbalance of vaginal flora. Probiotics strains specific to vaginal health can help replenish good bacteria.

Blackmores Probiotics Womens Flora Balance contains two strains of clinically trialled probiotics. these strains may help with assisting a good balance of vaginal bacteria and protect against vaginal floral imbalances.

Directions; Take one capsule orally per day

Active ingredients: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobaciluus reuteri RC-14

No added salt or yeast, gluten, wheat or preservatives. store below 25 degrees Celsius in a dry place