Metabolic balance® is an award winning weight loss and nutritional program that rebalances and resets your metabolism. The program increases fat burning, regulates blood glucose levels, reduces sugar cravings and may even help with reducing joint pain caused by inflammation.

Metabolic Balance® is a science based, holistic nutrition plan that was developed in Germany by a nutritional medicine expert and a food scientist. It was created in 2002 and is based on 25 years of scientific research. It has a good track record with plenty of testimonials and is endorsed by several celebrities. It is not a fad diet and nor does it rely on shakes, juices and unnecessary supplements but it does emphasise healthy, whole foods.

We believe that every person can thrive and be well from a balanced diet of natural foods, individually selected to match their body chemistry, which together with professional support ensures optimal well being.

Is it for you?

The plan can cater for some food intolerances such as wheat or dairy. However, it is not suitable for vegans. The first 14 days of the program are quite restrictive so if you travel during this time it might be difficult. Much of the food in the first two phases must be measured by a scale. This plan is certainly not for people who do not want to eat fruit and vegetables!

How Does It work?

An initial 1 hour consultation is taken for a general health assessment. This includes a brief introduction to the Metabolic Balance® program. The cost of this consultation will be deducted against the cost of the Metabolic Balance® program if the client goes ahead. The consultation allows the practitioner to assess the client’s motivation, their lifestyle factors and physical condition. Some health conditions are not permitted on the plan.

Once approved, an individualised, whole food nutrition plan is generated from Germany based on your blood results, body measurements, current health symptoms and food preferences.

The program is divided into four phases and includes seven one-to-one consultations with a registered clinical nutritionist. This ensures that you receive professional support, a body analysis at each consultation and that all questions in relation to nutrition can be answered in a professional manner. Although this is a food-based program certain conditions may require extra support and supplementation.

Please note that there are several copies of this program on the internet with a different name. Some of these programs may appear to look the same but do not generate the same plan and often require the purchase of supplements. If you suspect that you have a copy of the Metabolic Balance® plan, we can send it to Germany for verification.

Cost and Health Fund Rebate

Please check with your health fund provider for rebates. Metabolic balance is accepted by Bupa as an approved weight management program. The amount claimable depends on the client’s cover.

The total package for a 3-month program is $1200.00. Blood tests are an additional cost. This includes:

• Seven one-to-one consultations

• Personalised eating plan from Germany

• Body analysis tracking and progress chart (shows % of fat loss)

• Meal planning, recipe ideas

Please email Angela at For more information.