The Reset & Revitalise Diet Plan is designed to help you achieve glowing skin,

vitality and a healthy body shape.

This program is not about quick weight loss, shakes or fad diets that have no long-term benefits. It is a program to help you establish a healthy relationship with food, a better understanding of nutrition and will offer you the tools and resources to help you to monitor your own progress and stay on track with your goals. One size does not fit all and this plan is highly personalised to suit your goals and lifestyle.

Our mission is to guide you onto a path, which will offer you better health and vitality.

One size does not fit all and this Reset & Revitalise Plan is designed to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Your unique body shape is determined by genetics, lifestyle choices, and diet. For most of us up to 80% of your body shape is determined by what you put inside it. Hormonal imbalance may also come in to play however in some cases can be improved by lifestyle and better food choices.

You don’t have to be an exercise warrior to lose weight but you do have to focus on a balanced and sustainable way of incorporating nutritious food into your life. This is not an easy process for some as it means breaking habits that have been around for a very long time. Expect to drop off the wagon and expect to plateau. This is normal and this is Okay. You will be motivated by an increase in your energy, your skin will glow, your mood will be uplifted and your body will begin to change.

Your skin will glow, you will have more energy and you will look fabulous.

The Reset & Revitalise 4-week Diet Plan

How it works


• You will be asked to submit the Lifestyle questionnaire and food diary prior to the appointment.

1-hour Nutritional Consultation

• We will take your baseline measurements. (height, weight, body measurements, blood pressure, fat/lean mass)
• Assess signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiency
• Review the lifestyle questionnaire, existing medication and recent biochemical reports
• Establish goals and realistic time frame

You will receive:

• A report on your baseline measurements and analysis of your 3-day food diary
• A shopping list
• Recipe resources
• A list of tools and resources to help with self-monitoring your progress
• Tips on how to beat cravings and snack recipes
• Meal Preparation tips for busy people
• 5-day meal plan

2nd and 3rd follow-up consultations

• We will assess you body measurements.
• Review your meal plan
• Fine-tune your plan for better results if required
• Suggest supplementation if required
• Offer more Tools and Resources


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