What is a detox anyway and do you need it?

 A detox is not about food deprivation, juicing, mono-eating or a magical substance that will cleanse you of immediate toxins. It is about healthy, delicious food that helps to support your very own detoxification organs- your liver, kidneys, colon and skin.

Quality supplements containing vitamins, minerals and herbs may also help reduce the toxic load on these organs and support the liver’s ability to break down harmful metabolites, which are then excreted by the kidneys.


So why do it?

Well… you might be feeling a bit below average after a month of excess and indulgence and you know you can do better! Or you have overindulged in substances such as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes and want the extra support to kick start your new health journey.

These signs might suggest that you have a sluggish detoxification pathway:

  • Skin break outs, flaky dry and lack lustre skin;
  • Weight gain and puffiness;
  • Dark or red circles under the eyes;
  • Fatigue and lethargy;
  • Brain fog and mild depression;
  • PMS.


 Which  Detox Diet Program Will Work for Me?

There are countless types of detox programs available over the counter and through the internet. The one-size fits all approach is usually not targeted for the individual’s needs or requirements (medical history, sex, size, weight and life stage). Also the supplements or food plans on offer may not provide appropriate nutrition for your specific needs and some can even be dangerous.

 The internet or your favourite celebrity is not trained to guide you through a ‘detox’ diet, however dieticians, naturopaths and clinical nutritionists have years of training and knowledge and are able to recognise adverse signs and symptoms, make further investigations such as blood tests and recommend the appropriate therapy for your needs. A professional consultation is well worth the investment!