Does your skin feel dehydrated and look a bit on the dull side?

There could be several reasons for this. It could be that you are using the wrong products for your skin. Some products can disrupt the Ph balance of your skin and strip natural protective oils which lock in moisture. Environmental factors also play a big part such as sun exposure and air conditioning. Your diet may also be lacking in some essential nutrients and maybe you are simply not drinking enough water.

Try these tips for healthier looking skin:

Tip #1 Use gentle cleansers, which are suitable for your skin type. if your skin feels ‘squeaky clean’ after cleansing- you are using the wrong product!

Tip #2 No need for toners if you have dehydrated skin! Toners and mists do not add moisture into the skin. However a light spray with a floral water such as rose hydrosol can calm redness, uplift your spirits and set your makeup!

Tip #3 Humidify your environment!

Tip #4 Eat a diet rich in essential fatty acids and try to include hemp or flaxseeds, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados & oily fish. Substitute juices with smoothies and try to include some of these ingredients.

Tip #5 Look for hyaluranic acid or sodium hyaluronate in your serum or moisturiser and use it daily. If using a serum with hyaluranic acid, apply it before a moisturiser as it penetrates the skin at a deeper level.

Tip #6 Drink water through the day. This may include herbal teas, green teas or water with fruit slices. Your urine should be a pale golden colour not dark gold.

Tip #7 Limit your alcohol intake and ditch the cigarettes.